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Brochures are Important Tools for Projecting a Company's Image

Posted February 19, 2018

No Virginia, printed brochures are not dead, there is a place for them in the digital age. Brochures are versatile and inexpensive per copy to hand out at trade shows, place in point-of-purchase for consumers to take, and in direct mail to communicate directly with prospective clients.

It is important your brochure projects a professional image, this might be the only chance you get at a first impression. It must look good, be well written, and be printed on high quality paper. For us here at One Stop Printers it is not about selling brochures or any other product we offer, if it doesn't do what it is intended to do, like increasing sales or streamlining production, we have not done our job.

When producing a brochure, we interview you to learn about your company, what you sell, what is important to the corporate image and its intended use. If you currently have a brochure like the sample above on the left, we read and evaluate it because it usually has important information, and review your website so your sales message is consistent across multiple platforms.

If you don't look good, we don't look good! Call Today: 800-406-0982 we would love to consult with you.

Introducing Two New Business Forms

One Stop Printers just added two new forms, a weighmaster certificate for the fiber industry and a compressor repair order. You might ask why we added these when you look at the forms we supply there are others that are very similar? Well that is a good question.

What we have found is that most business owners have in mind what they need but don't know where to start. We have been printing business forms since 1990 and have a unique perspective and knowledge about a lot of industries. You will find that our business forms have industry specific information. Most times this enough, however there times where it needs to be customized to a particular companies requirements, that is no problem. One Stop Printers will alter any form to meet your needs and it will not cost anything extra.

Accountants it is time to get your marketing started!

Tis the most wonderful time of the year, when accountants dream of stockings stuffed full of tax clients. If dreaming is all you do, you will be very disappointed come January.

Now is the time to get your direct mail marketing finalized and start to print. You need the right mailing list, attention grabbing letter with brochure, and it must have a professional look. One Stop Printers has been assisting accountants for over 10 years and we know what to do.

If you are not in the mail by mid January you are too late. Don’t be left out in the cold, contact One Stop Printers to learn how we can help!

My name is Tony Tyler and I have owned One Stop Printers & Direct Mail Service, located in the High Desert for over 22 years. In that time I have helped countless business with their printing needs. One of my companies specialties is business forms. If you look at our website you will find close to 200 of the most popular invoices, and work orders we have printed over the years.

What I have learned from helping our clients is: each company we print for is unique. No two plumbing companies will require the same things in their work orders, nor grain elevator needing identical weighmaster certificates. And in addition to these differences, government agencies who grant license to these companies have ever-changing requirements for the business forms they use.

If you look at our page for plumbing forms we have over 14 different work orders, from plumbing, drain cleaning & septic invoices such as #P1067 to septic certification work orders for individual sewage disposal systems like #P2013. We have 18 weighmaster certificates, for companies such as forest products, cattle and wine producers. and we just added public weighmaster certificates for the states of Arizona and Washington.

When we print a form we don't just take what we have on file and imprint your companies name and contact information and say you have to take as is, if you want to make changes you will be charged for a custom form. We ask our customer is this form okay and do you need to make changes to fit your operation? One Stop Printers has printed many of the invoices and work orders on our website with minor to major modifications to meet clients requirements.

If you own a towing company in California, your requirements will be different than in Texas, which requires the tow truck operator to write their license number on every form for every tow service call. Plumbers are no different, states requires different consumers notices. If you are using a standard invoice, work order or certificate it generally is not a problem, until there is a problem. Regulators step in, best-case scenario: you loose the money from the service call, but more likely your company is cited and fined, too.

We make changes to all our forms for FREE. and we always recommend that the proof be sent to the supervising regulating office for approval before printing. This brings me to another point, many companies such as towing operators and weighmasters have been using the same form for years which had been approved by regulators and their current printing company is no longer in business, and changing the form now will be a big hassle. Again, this is no problem, send us you current form and we will redo the artwork and keep it on file for future use, all for FREE!

If you have been struggling with setting up an invoice, work order or any other business form, give One Stop Printers & Direct Mail Service in Hesperia California a call: 800-406-0982. We will be pleased to assist you.

We now offer towing tickets for the state of Texas. Please call for details.