Trucking Proof of Delivery Receipt #2055


Trucking Company Proof of Delivery this (POD) receipt has been updated to include changes that a lot of our clients have been making and is now available in color like the sample at no extra cost. This handy delivery receipt is available in duplicate (white and yellow sets), and triplicate (white, yellow and pink sets) paper. The POD receipt is 8.5" x 7" and has: Responsibility for Per Diem, In Bond and Hazardous Material Shipments, Special Condition and Declared Value disclaimers to protect you and your trucking company.

One Stop Printers will include you logo at no extra cost and if you require changes to the POD to better reflect how your trucking company operates we will make those to for FREE. Just email us at: before you order and we will make the changes before you have spent a dime.