Texas Towing and Storage Facility Ticket #2040


Texas Towing and Storage Facility Ticket #2040 is available in duplicate or triplicate forms and is printed black one side with numbering. Finish size is 7” x 8.5” with a tear-out size or 7” x 8”. This convenient ticket can be purchased as single forms or booked with wrap around covers for easy use.

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The State of Texas allows combined statement of charges for towing tickets and Vehicle Storage Facilities below is information that can be found on its website.

Texas Combined Statement of Charges for Towing Tickets

The VSF shall provide the owner or the owner’s representative with a tow ticket. The tow ticket may be combined with a VSF invoice: provided, the combined tow ticket and VSF invoice comply with the following requirements:

Tow charges must appear on the combined statement of charges exactly as stated on the tow ticket prepared by the tow operator and provided to the VSF at the time the vehicle is presented for storage; and the combined statement of charges meet and contain all required elements of a separate VSF invoice and tow ticket; provided the license number and name of the tow operator may be excluded. The particular facts of a vehicle’s storage determine whether or not a VSF is entitled to collect a storage fee, notification fee, impoundment fee, or governmental or law enforcement fee. Please see Rule 85.722.

A combined statement of charges must:
  • Include the licensed name of the towing company
  • Include the publicly listed telephone number of the towing company
  • Include the TDLR registration number of the towing company
  • Itemized each charge and characterize the fees using the identical fee structure stated in the towing company’s non-consent towing fee schedule on file with the department.
  • Clearly note the time of the call requesting the vehicle release and have the person requesting release separately initial the notation
  • Include on the front page information of the department’s website and email address, mailing address, and telephone number for purposes of directing complaints regarding the vehicle storage to the department.
  • Separate tow charges from VSF charges with each category of charges preceded by a heading or label identifying the charges as ‘Tow Charges” or “Storage Charges”
B. Minimum information that must be kept and/or maintained by the VSF and may be included on combined statement of charges:
  • Year, make, model, color, correct license plate number, state issuing the license, and correct VIN of vehicle;
  • Date, time and location from which the vehicle was towed,
  • The name of the person or company who authorized the tow,
  • The license plate numbers of plates issued to the tow truck that delivered the vehicle,
  • The date the vehicle was released,
  • The name of the individual to whom the vehicle was released,
  • The type of identification (Texas drivers license or other state or federally issued photo identification) and identification number provided by the individual to whom the vehicle was released,
  • The date of any vehicle transfer, and the address of the location to which the vehicle was transferred along with the name of the towing company and tow truck driver, with TDLR license number, who made the transfer
  • Storage charges, notification fees, impound fees, governmental fees, if any
  • Total of all amounts received at the time the vehicle was released, including the specific nature of each charge.

Texas State Rule References: 86.709(e), 85.706(b), 85.707(a), 85.710(a)(2) and 85.710(a)(9).