California Cannabis Sales Invoice Shipping Manifest #2074


California Cannabis Sales Invoice / Shipping Manifest, it is available in 2 part NCR (white and Yellow) and 3 part NCR (White, Yellow and Pink) paper. Finish size 8.5" x 11". This sales invoice is based off the State of California's template and you can alter it to fit your particular company needs, we will make the changes quickly and as always for FREE.

The areas in red are what will change to your company information and will print black. If you would like to include your logo please email it to:, we will send you a proof before printing for you approval.

Our staff at One Stop Printers understands how frustrating it can be working with state regulators, making changes is no mus, no fuss. The sooner you get them what they want, the sooner they are down the road picking on someone else.