Posted May 10, 2018

Sacramento Politicians Don't Care About Small Business Owners

As a California business owner it is imperative too keep up with the current machinations emanating for the emerald city known as Sacramento. One of the most recent is AB 1008 which restricts an employer from asking if an applicant has ever formerly been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. Now, on face value, if your are concerned about helping former convicts becoming gainfully employed, this is a good thing.

Disregarding in this argument that an owner of a business should be able to check out a prospective employee to make sure that they are a good fit, many businesses are regulated by state agencies, and can't even hire a person who was formerly incarcerated. So what is forced on the private sector, doesn't apply in companies with occupational licenses.

California leads the nation in licensing and regulating everything to death, with over 200 occupations license requirements, from 42 government agency's, this law excludes a large portion of companies from complying, while forcing the rest to shoulder the burden.

This is not even counting state government occupations that exclude convicts from employment. There is a total disconnect from those of us who operate a business and what politicians in Sacramento think. However, when you consider that California was just rated as the fifth largest economy, one can understand that Sacramento politicians don't care, campaign contributions keep flowing, so what does it matter?

Posted March 30, 2018

There is a Third Choice for Apple Valley's Water Woes

There is a lot of banter back and forth that there are only two choices for Apple Valley water issues and which one is best: One, stay with Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company (AVRWC) as a private company, or two, take it over by the Town of Apple Valley. There is a third option, which is to open up the town to competition.

What you say? That will never work, our water will be poisoned, water cost will become so high we won't be able to afford a glass of water, the streets will be torn up and a mess. Well, when phone service was deregulated back in the 80's we heard some of the same arguments, and now making a long distance phone call only cost pennies. When cable was deregulated Charter started offering phone service to our area and Verizon responded by running FIOS through the alleys and offered internet service. Not only did we get better service with two providers, we got cheaper prices.

Apple Valley is in a unique position in which it has two major water companies and about a dozen smaller ones servicing its residents. Couple that with about 90 percent of the town's homes having alleys behind them I think opening up the town to competition will work.

The naysayers will run around and scream we will destroy AVRWC, and water is to dear to risk. Well, competition didn't destroy the phone companies in the 80's, nor Charter and Verizon, it just made them better companies. It is time for the Town of Apple Valley too tear-up the exclusive franchise agreements with all the water companies in town, and let them compete for our business.

Posted March 29, 2018

Only Two Choices for Apple Valley's Water Woes

I am constantly asked why I support the takeover of Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company (AVRWC) which is currently owned by Liberty Utilities. The answer is simple, we have a choice of local ownership by the Town of Apple Valley which also comes with Prop 218 protections, where rates can't be raised with out justification. If rates are raised more that what the citizens think will cover cost by the town, we can force a vote on the rates.

Currently public utilities like AVRWC are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) by un-elected bureaucrats. Utilities such as Liberty Utilities have consolidated power in Sacramento to the detriment of it customers and the CPUC just rubber stamps its rate increase request. Couple that with our Governor Brown's disdain for the citizens of California, who would rather restrict water use, and pursue the agenda of radical environmentalist, instead of increasing the number of water projects, storage, transportation, he has done everything in his power to kill water projects.

Because of these things, we have not provided for the increase in population in our state and water cost have been soaring. This has put a burden on those most vulnerable, such as retirees, those on fixed incomes and the poor. AVRWC rates have doubled in the past 10 years, if you use too much water, you get hit with abusive tier 2 and 3 rates. Just drive around our town and you will still see the dead lawns and trees because people cannot afford water.

So we have been given a Sophia's choice: stay with Liberty Utilities and suffer under skyrocketing water rates, or go with the Town of Apple Valley and suffer what ever mischief it can conjure up.

So my choice is for the Town of Apple Valley!

Posted March 12, 2018

Somebody Kill Daylight Savings Time Before it Kills Me!

I refuse to participate. The only thing daylight saving time does, is illustrate twice a year, that no matter what cockamamie ideas our politicians come up with, and tell us, it's for our own good, it's for our children's safety and it will save the environment, we will follow along blindly. Here is a cockamamie idea for our politicians, get rid of daylight saving time because it's good for our health, it's good our children's safety, and it will save the environment. Good grief, somebody kill this thing!

Posted March 6, 2018

Update: Apple Valley California, Liberty Utilities Water Rate Increase

Every two months it will be like Christmas in Apple Valley when we receive our water bills, we'll magically open it and see there is no rate increase from Liberty Utilities. I don't believe it for one second. Nor, that the rate increases will be 5% and under for the following three years. If the town doesn't acquire Apple Valley Ranchos Water (AVRW) you can bet, major service charges will start appearing on our water bills starting in 2019, because it will state to the California Public Utilities Commission, it didn't make enough money.

Recently in the Daily Press a representative of Liberty was quoted saying it was continuing maintenance on the water system and will replace three miles of water main a year. Yet several years ago, it was stated by the same management of AVRW that it was on an aggressive schedule to replace six miles per year (wasn't that a major argument for the nearly 30% rate increase). Three miles is not even maintenance on this system with 60 years old pipes, and now it will take 90 years just to replace half of the line in the ground.

I will complement Liberty Utilities on the pretty block and rod iron wall it placed around its new $2.2 million caped well located on Apple Valley Road. Its been close to two years and still no pump house or connection to the system. If anyone is not sure of Liberty's priorities, just look at you recent notice-of-rate-increase: Infrastructure is in the middle of the list and safe and reliable water supply is dead last!

Posted March 1, 2018

Let's Give Peace A Try!

Mama always taught us children: Don't throw sand in your brother's face, pickup your toys when you are done playing, and say please and thank you. Its still important today as an adult, for a business or leader of a country. It seems these simple principles don't apply anymore; the world has become more violent and less safe; and the US must respond with force, or at least with 24 hour news, one would think so.

The propaganda emanating from our politicians, defense department, and security agencies would have us believe that our security is dependent on being involved in every skirmish, anywhere, and everywhere in the world. We must take action or bad thing will happen here. This is an absurd policy.

The anti-war democrats have been in hibernation since President Bush left office, yet currently they are nowhere to be found. You would think they would be out in full force now that Obama and the blue team are out, and the red team has control of the White House. Where is the outcry denouncing increasing the Pentagons' spending by over $165 billion? Sending our young men and women overseas to die or worse yet, broken and their lives destroyed? And, for the record where are all the reduce the size of government and balance the budget, fiscally responsible republicans?

The US has just under 200,000 active-duty military troops overseas on 800 military bases with a presence in 177 counties, my gosh, there only about 206 countries in the world. We spend more then the next top seven countries on our military and with the increase defense spending it has to be a few more. With a $20 trillion debt expected to rise to $30 trillion in 10 years the US is bankrupt and can no longer afford to be the world's police force.

Our constitution is explicit in that our military is for defense purposes only. I am not advocating and isolationist position, sometimes to ensure the security of the US it will require we venture outside our borders, however, we are way past that point. With all the death and destruction the US has been involved in the last century, it might be time try a new approach: Peace!
We should be an example to the world for how a nation lives in peace with it neighbors. One of the best ways is free and open trade (it usually is not in your best economic interest to kill your trading partners). Relations with China were normalized through something as insignificant as ping-pong and now it is one of our largest trading partners. Let's trade goodwill, and goods, not bombs!

Tony Tyler - Apple Valley
Chair, San Bernardino Libertarian Party

Posted February 23, 2018

Book Review: Ice Cream Social

When I go to the library I tend to graze, I will mosey down a isle and nibble on a book, move along, taking little bites here and there until I find a book of interest. That is how I happened upon Ice Cream Social-The Struggle for the Sole of Ben & Jerry's written by Brad Edmondson. What a great story.

Anyone who has wandered down the freezer section of your local supermarket is at least aware of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, that it is more expensive then most, but it taste really good. What you probably have missed is how socially responsible this company is, and its dedication to its three part mission: Producing a quality product, making sure its employees and vendors receive fair compensation and its responsibility to the community.

It seems these two friends stumbled into selling ice cream and it just got of hand. The next thing Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield knew, they were operating a successful company. It is never as easy as it looks and there is a lot of heartache involved, as anyone who has ever ran a company can attest. They always persevered in the face of adversity, until they didn't. They tried their best to provide a living wage to their employees, in addition to making sure their company was operated in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The most fascinating portion of the book is its social mission, from taking the lead on fair trade coffee and chocolate suppliers, leading the fight against Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), only using milk from dairy's that are rBGH free, and treated its cows humanely. Too created partner shops with non-profits to provide job training for at risk youth and homeless.

It is an inspiring story for any business leader on how a corporation can be operated responsibly and make a profit. This book is a good read and recommend it, so in the spirit of Ben & Jerry, I give the book a five ice cream cone rating.

Posted February 22, 2018

Announcing Victor Valley Libertarian Alliance's, High Desert $1,000 Essay Contest

The Victor Valley Libertarian Alliance (VVLA) is please to announce the Annual Brushfire of Freedom $1,000 Essay contest for High Desert High School Students. This essay contest is open to all high school students, whether you attend public, charter, private school or are home schooled.

VVLA's goal is to spread liberty through positive activism in our community. This essay contest is the brainchild of Craig George, Bryan Ryman and Dr. Matthew Pautz, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication in launching this contest.

Posted: February 21, 2018

Stop Locking Up People for Victimless Crimes

Crime is up, people are scared, we need leaders who will build more prisons, hire more police, and district attorneys who will lock 'em up and throwaway the key. Now hold on just a minute, did the editorial board not read its own paper? Turn the page and you will see the Town of Apple's contract with the sheriff went up $828,415 in one year and expected to increase 1.2 million within the next two years due to administration cost.

San Bernardino County Sheriffs earn an impressive $150,000 to $200,000 a year including benefits, Sheriff McMahon makes an eye-popping $469,000 including benefits. District Attorneys top out around $300,000, and a prison cost between 280 to 350 million to build. Throw in unfunded pension liabilities and these high cost will be driven through the roof. Just exactly how are we to pay for more of the above?

Assembly Bill 109, Propositions 47, 57 and early release are said to be the reason crime has spiked 20% in the High Desert. I'm of the opinion this is not exactly true.  A lot of these inmates were sent to prison for non-violent or drug related offences where they learned to be harden criminals (they should have never been sent to the big house in the first place). Only about 20% California inmates can demonstrate a basic level of literacy, the average offender reads at the 8th grade level, and 68% or US males in prison don't have a high school diploma.

According to the LA Times we spend an astounding $75,560 per year to house an inmate. Yet, we only spend around $9,500 per child each year to educate our children. Now I am not saying we need to spend more on education, our educational system have failed these inmates and our children badly, yet consumes 50% of the states uncommitted budget.

We need to stop doubling down on failed policies and find real solutions. Vouchers would be a good start so parents can choose where to have their children educated. Decriminalize drugs, let's spend less time and money trying to solve social problems with force; and use some of the savings on intervention programs. We need strong and creative leaders who will stand up to the unions, cut regulations and create an environment where businesses can thrive and provide job opportunities.

Posted: February 6, 2018

Libertarian Solution to Fire Service in California

Victorville has asked  San Bernardino County Fire to go back and review its proposal, and give them its final and best offer for fire service. I doubt it will be much different than the first offer. California cities are hard pressed by increases in both fire and police cost, which can be traced back to pension obligations, benefits and salaries unmatched in the private sector.

While 72% of fire service nationwide are handled with volunteers, California is mostly paid service with medium compensation packages ranging from $145,000 for state to $195,000 for county and city firefighters. The public employees unions have a strangle hold on Sacramento politicians, there is no relief forthcoming from the legislature in reining in these cost. Unless cities find a way to control these cost, other services such as roads and parks will have to be curtailed.

Fortunately there is a solution and the example is right in our own backyard. The little town of Calimesa and its Mayor Jeff Hewitt have taken back control of its fire service from Cal Fire and save the city's taxpayers money, too. Calimesa is now able to determine it own staffing levels and even though it pays its firefighters less and a 401k style retirement, they are still well paid and had no trouble finding qualified firefighters. In addition it is able to afford a new fire station and a new $411,000 fire truck.

Dinosaur in The California Desert

California spent millions of dollars building a state-or-art CHP truck weigh station on I-15 at state-line to inspect commercial trucks entering our state. It has been operating for over a year now and yet it still keeps the agriculture inspection station in Yermo open, inconveniencing motorist returning home and backing up traffic for miles and wasting millions of gallons of fuel a year.

Governor Brown just passed SB1 which adds 12 cents per gallon tax on gasoline and 20 cents a gallon on diesel. Not one cent is going to add any additional lanes and 30 percent is siphoned off for other transportation projects including money for his train set. If one is new to Brown and the legislature's shenanigans passing a gas tax sounds reasonable. Well not so fast. Under Brown the state budget has increased approximately 45 billion dollars in the last seven years and not one cent went to roads. Brown and the legislature have been raiding transportation funds for years. Now they are concerned about roads, give me a break.

I-15 is mostly two lane in each direction with substandard bridges and is a glaring example of our democratic leaderships neglect. It is one the most traveled roads in the nation and is the lifeline for moving freight in and out of Southern California and should have been upgraded to four lanes 20 years ago.

Countless lives are lost in accidents every year because I-15 cannot handle the traffic load. The agriculture station is a testament to our state governments waste and inefficiency and it keeps demanding more and more money, and providing fewer services. Public unions have a strangle hold on our state government so don't expect any change unless we change leadership.

For those who hope to change California and restore some sort of sanity to Sacramento, the Libertarian Party of California holds the answer. Libertarian candidates bring small government, fiscally conservative principles to the table. There 141,461 registered Libertarians in California a 23% increase over the previous year and it is growing fast. If you are tired of the direction our state is headed the Libertarian party deserves a serious look. Posted: November 28, 2017