Receipts, Invoices, and Work Order Receipts for Septic Service Companies

Posted August 21, 2020

Owners of septic tank pumping companies, have you been looking for a simple yet functional pumping receipt to use? Look no further, One Stop Printers has the solution for you with our Septic Pumping Short Receipt #2089. This receipt doubles as a work order and invoice, and it projects a professional image for your company. It is available in duplicate (white and yellow) sets, and triplicate (white, yellow and pink) sets. Finish size is 5.5” x 8.5” with a tear-out size of 5.5” x 8” making it ideal to book with a wraparound cover for easy use in the field.

Whether your company is providing septic system inspections in Chesapeake, Virginia, pumps septic tanks in Montgomery, Alabama, or Tulsa, Oklahoma, One Stop Printers has a plumbing receipt to fit your needs, if not we will design a new one for FREE, all you pay for is the printing. Give One Stop Printers a call at: 800-406-0982, we will be please to assist you.

Trucking bill of lading, proof of delivery and pre-trip inspection forms

Posted March 9, 2020

One Stop Printers keeps you on the road with our selection of carrier, proof of delivery, driver’s vehicle inspection reports, manifest, and bill of lading forms. In addition we also have a large selection of weighmaster certificates. Whether you have a trucking company based out of the rail yards of Omaha Nebraska or Kansas City, Kansas and need a simple delivery receipt or a customized invoice, we have the solution.

Remember all changes to existing receipts and artwork for new customized receipts are always FREE with your printing order. Visit our website: today: 800-406-0982 or just give us a call to see how we may assist you!

Fencing Contract and Proposal Receipt by One Stop Printers

Posted August 7, 2020

Ruben owner of Zarco Iron Works in Spring, Texas, liked our Construction Fence Proposal Contact #1045, however he needed to remove the P.V.C. column, and change the bottom Terms and Conditions to better reflect the products and services he provides. He also sent us his color logo. We promptly made all the alterations and changed the proposal to blue to enhance his image, all for FREE, all Zarco Iron Works paid for was the published price for printing. Thank you, Ruben for your business.

As you can see One Stop Printers help businesses across the country and is your local internet solution for duplicate and triplicate receipts. Whether you are in League City, Texas doing wrought Iron fencing, Alexandria, Louisiana, installing chain link or decorative vinyl fencing in Jackson, Mississippi, we are just a mouse click away.

Oh, and we are not like the other guys selling their wares on the internet, if you need to ask a question, give us a call at: 800-406-0982 and you will get a knowledgeable person who will provide the answer.

Time to order donation envelopes for your political campaign

Posted March 6, 2020

It’s political season again, when running for office it is imperative when taking donations you record all the information required by local, state and federal law. One Stop Printer just completed political donation envelopes for a congressional, and city candidate. They both sought One Stop Printers out because of our #6 ½ Political Campaign Donation Envelope #203.

The city candidate only needed to make minor changes to our template. A regulation in the city she is seeking office has a maximum donation amount of $440, and there was some of other stuff on the template which didn’t apply to her campaign. The congressional candidate required redoing the inside because of federal disclaimer requirements (boy I feel much safer, now). As always these changes were FREE with printing. Not only that, we made the changes quickly, and shipped their envelopes in under a week.

Are you a candidate for political office in San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix Arizona or Needles California and in need of donation envelopes? Give us a call at: 800-406-0982 or email: to find out how we will assist you!

Custom proof of delivery receipts by One Stop Printers

Posted July 29, 2020

When a client wants to change one of our business forms, the conservation always starts with, what will you charge me to alter this receipt? The answer is always nothing, all changes are FREE, and if you need something custom the cost is the same, FREE. Such was the answer to Andrei’s inquiry when he needed a custom proof of delivery for his trucking company, L A Trucking Services Inc located in Azusa California.

Andrei had found our website: and liked the samples but really preferred to continue using the same proof of delivery he had been using for years, only with some modifications. He sent us a picture of it from his phone with changes and we took it from there. As you can see we can work with just about anything you send us. It doesn’t matter if you want to modify a delivery receipt like our Trucking Proof of Delivery Receipt #2055, or a completely new proof for delivery like L A Trucking Services, Inc’s, we got you covered. Thank you Andrei for choosing One Stop Printers print your delivery receipts.

It doesn’t matter if you transport freight over the Mexican boarder from Laredo Texas or running local freight in Omaha Nebraska, One Stop Printers has a bill of lading or proof of delivery receipt to fit your needs. Call us today at: 800-406-0982 to find out how we can assist you.

One Stop Printers makes your manifest and delivery receipts look professional

Posted March 2, 2020

Will, from Loyalty Freight, LLC in Granite Falls Washington found One Stop Printers website while looking for manifest and delivery receipts online. He liked what he saw, but was concerned because truckers have to comply with DOT 396.13 B & C regulations; his manifest also contained the Driver’s Daily Inspection Report which made it handy for his drivers. He wanted to stay with the duplicate receipts he is currently using to make it easier for his driver and office staff.

He emailed me samples and asked how much it would cost to redo his existing forms. Well, the cost to do artwork is always FREE is what I told him, and the price to print is the published prices on our website for the size, quantity and number of parts per set. He was surprised at how painless and quickly we completed his trucking manifest and delivery receipts. Not only that, we also archived the artwork and include reorder forms to make reordering easy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a carrier in Dallas, Texas or Las Cruces, New Mexico, If you need bill of ladings, invoices, weighmaster certificates… contact us today at: 800-406-0982 and find out how we can assist you with your company’s business forms.

Recibo de Factura de Remolque Español 2085

Posted July 21, 2020

El recibo de remolque en español está disponible en dos (conjuntos blancos y amarillos) o tres (conjuntos blancos, amarillos y rosados) de papel sin carbón. El tamaño del acabado es de 5.5 "x 8.5" con un tamaño de corte de 5.5 "x 8.5", también disponible en libros de 50 conjuntos con cubiertas envolventes.

Brinde un mayor nivel de servicio a sus clientes hispanos y reduzca las disputas con el recibo de remolque de One Stop Printers. Este es el mismo diseño que nuestra popular orden de remolque # TFP20091. Ya sea que esté brindando servicios de remolque a clientes hispanos en Los Ángeles, California, Laredo, Texas o Hialeah, Florida One Stop Printers tiene la solución para que su empresa de remolque comunique mejor sus servicios.

¿Necesita hacer cambios a este boleto de remolque? No hay problema, todos los cambios son GRATUITOS. Envíenos su logotipo, información de la empresa y cualquier cambio a:, los haremos y le enviaremos una prueba antes de imprimir.

Towing receipt in Spanish is available in two (white, and yellow sets) or three (white, yellow and pink sets) part carbonless. Finish size is 5.5” x 8.5” with a tear-out size of 5.5” x 8.5”, also available in books of 50 sets with wraparound covers.

Provide a higher level of service to you Hispanic customers and reduce disputes with One Stop Printers towing receipt. This is the same layout as our popular Towing Work Order #TFP20091. Whether you are providing towing services to Hispanic clients in Los Angeles, California, Laredo, Texas or Hialeah, Florida One Stop Printers has the solution for your towing company to better communicate its services.

Do you need to make changes to this towing ticket? No problem, all changes are FREE. Send us your logo, company information and any changes to:, we will make them and send you a proof before printing.

It is important that your towing reports have the correct disclaimers

Posted February 28, 2020

I would like to thank Jesus Reyes for having One Stop Printers print Mike’s Towing CA Inc’s towing receipts. He chose Towing Work Order #TFP20091 because it has disclaimer: Upon request, you are entitled to receive a copy of the towing fees and access notice. You may ask why this is important.

Jesus had received an inspection from the California Highway Patrol and was cited for not having it on his towing invoice. This lead to a problem because citations always come with a deadline; if it isn’t met, he loses the ability to tow and the corresponding income. He had contacted his current printer at the time and was told he was using a standard form and they would get back to him with the cost to do a custom form.

Now, for One Stop Printers this is never the case. Although this disclaimer was standard we make any changes to our stock towing receipts for FREE, or we will create a completely new one for the same price – FREE. No hassles, no I will get back to you… just tell us what you need and we do it. We only charge the published prices on our website. It’s that simple.

You may think that the sample you send needs to be really detailed. Not really, we have been doing towing tickets for a long time and have a good idea of what is needed. So if you tired of the runaround, give One Stop Printers a call: 800-406-0982!

Trucking Manifest by One Stop Printers

Posted June 23, 2020

One Stop Printers has printed weekly manifest and delivery receipts for Insun at QFS Transportation out of Thornton, Colorado for the past couple of years. He found us online and liked our Trucking Weekly Manifest #2058, and Trucking Container Delivery Receipt #TDR1059, but needed to customize it to his operation. This is our specialty, we got the changes to the artwork completed, receipts printed quickly, keeping his trucks on the road.

About a year ago, QFS Transportation had to make alterations to the manifest to accommodate longer load and container numbers, I bring this up because the offer to alter or create new trucking bill of ladings and trucking receipts for free, is not a one time offer. As your trucking operation grows and evolves you will need to make changes, One Stop Printers knows this and gladly makes them for free.

Whether you have a fleet of trucks based out of Provo, Utah or an owner/operator in Rapid City, South Dakota and need a friendly and responsive supplier for your trucking receipts, give One Stop Printers a call at: 800-406-0982 and experience the difference!

Proof of Delivery Receipts by One Stop Printers

Posted June 19, 2020

Thank you Dru for having One Stop Printers print CDL Transportation, Inc’s proof of delivery receipts, it is always a pleasure working for owner/operators like you. This is a delivery receipt that CDL Transportation had been using and needed a printing company that could reproduce its, Dru sent us a picture of this bill of lading from her phone. We redid the artwork for free, and sent a proof the next day, and shipped the final product in a couple of days after approval. It doesn’t matter if you are located in Downers Grove, Illinois like CDL Transportation, Inc, Macon, Georgia or Pasadena, Texas, One Stop Printers is your local source for trucking receipts. Call us today at 800-406-0982 to learn how we will assist your trucking company.

Front End Loader Business Card

Posted June 5, 2020

Equipment rental business card for front end loader operators printed full color on 14 point gloss cover with UV coating or matte finish. Add your color logo and customize for free. One Stop Printers your local printing company on the web.

One Stop Printers New Bill of Lading for Carriers

Posted February 25, 2020

If you are not putting miles under your seat and correctly logging terminal wait time, you are loosing money, no worries, One Stop Printers can help you with are Carrier bill of lading weight 2065 receipt. It even includes a disclaimer for detention charges and weight section.

Carrier’s bill of lading receipt incorporates a section for recording loaded and empty weights along with capturing all the information necessary to track the truck, trailer and load. This delivery receipt is available if 2 part carbonless (white and yellow sets) and 3 part carbonless (white, yellow, and pink sets). Finish size is 8.5” x 7” with a tear-out size of 8” x 7” making it ideal to book with wraparound cover for easy use in you tractor.

So send us your logo and company information and we will send you back a proof before printing. Don’t have a logo? No problem. Just select one of our truck illustrations.

Remember that all of One Stop Printers carrier receipts can be customized to meet your company’s requirements for FREE. Or, it you need a custom bill of lading, send us your requirements and we will set it up for FREE, all you pay for is the printing. And we keep it on file for easy reordering. Call today: 800-406-0982.

Concrete pumping invoices, work orders and receipts

Posted: June 2, 2020

Attention concrete pumping contractors, One Stop Printers has just added an invoice specifically for your industry, Concrete Pumping Invoice #2082. This comprehensive work order is available in duplicate and triplicate sets and can be altered to fit you company’s requirements for FREE. It doesn’t matter if you pump concrete in a large city like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or the small town of Claremont, New Hampshire, One Stop Printers can save you time and money. Call now 800-406-0982 to find out how!

Enhance your rental agreements by adding your color logo

Posted May 28, 2020
One Stop Printers has been assisting heavy equipment operators with their printing needs for over 30 years. We continually add new receipts and equipment illustrations to our library, such as our new front end loader. We have also added a new feature where you can have your duplicate or triplicate rental agreement printed in color at no additional cost. Some of our customers have great color company logos and now it can be included at no additional cost. Keep in mind you can alter any of our invoices, work orders and delivery receipts for FREE, you only pay for the printing. If you have been using the same form for years and don’t want to change, no worries, we will redo the artwork for FREE and keep it on file for easy reprinting. Call One Stop Printers today at: 800-406-0982 or log on to: to find out how we can assist you.

Project a professional image with One Stop Printers pest control receipts

Posted: January 31, 2020

Whether you provide pest control services for home, or apartment owners, restaurants and hotels you must project a professional image, not only with your appearance, equipment, and truck, but also the receipt you provide your clients. Your company’s receipts must be easy to understand, contain all the services you provided and the chemical used.

One Stop Printers provides a full range of duplicate and triplicate pest control receipts such as our Pest Control Service Slips PC1072, and Service Agreement PC1073. For those who provide services for restaurants and hotels we have a Sanitation & Structural Inspection Report #2063 which is very informative for both you and your clients. Let’s not forget termite companies which require because of the nature of the chemicals used, specialized forms and labels. So check out our Termite Inspection and Work Completed Label 2059.

Don’t forget we will customize any form and label for FREE or create a completely new one for FREE, so you have exactly what you need. All you pay for is the printing. We keep your artwork on file for easy reordering and enclose a reorder form. You won’t have to remember any passwords, or how to operate our website; just email, fax or call us (yes we answer the phone) when it is time for more, and we will take it from there. So call today 800-406-0982 to see how we can assist you!

Customized plumbing work orders

Posted: January 17, 2020

When selecting tools for your plumbing business it is always best to invest in ones that will do the job quickly and are built to last. The same thing can be said for your business receipts, whether you call it an invoice, work order, or job ticket it’s a tool, and performs the same function.

It must be portable, contain everything necessary for billing your customer, easy to use, and easy for your customers to understand. This is where One Stop Printers can assist you. We make it easy for you to alter any of our plumbing receipts to fit your company’s needs and we do it for FREE. In addition, if you need a completely new duplicate or triplicate receipt we will set it up for FREE, too.

We archive all jobs for our clients making reordering simple and easy. Included with every order is a reorder form that you can fax, email or just call us when you need more. Yes, we answer the phone and are always please to talk to you. So, don’t wait, order today or call us at: 800-406-0982 to find out how we can help you.

Give your company a professional image

Posted: November 20, 2019

Cari Stewart called me and said she was on our website: and was trying add Stewart Home Inspections LLC's information to our Septic Tank Inspection Report 2066. I told her it was not automated because about 2/3's of my customers make minor to major changes and it is easier if we do it, just send me your information, and logo and I would get her a proof.

The septic system inspection report she was interested in was designed for companies that pump septic systems and do an inspection at the same time, the inspection report is 8.5" x 14" and contains areas to record septage disposal information in addition to inspection. Upon review by our staff it was determined that since Stewart Home Inspections LLC was only doing inspection so we removed the septage disposal information and was able to fit everything on an 8.5" x 11" saving Cari some money for printing, and as always when we make alterations to our existing receipts it is always, FREE.

We would like to thank Cari and Wayne of Stewart Home Inspections LLC for choosing One Stop Printers to print it's Septic System Inspection Reports and if you have a home in Lancaster Ohio and need home inspection services, give them a call at: 740-503-7031.

Don't forget if you need a completely new custom duplicate or triplicate receipt, give One Stop Printers a call at: 800-406-0982, we would be please to assist you.

One Stop Printers Customer Appreciation

Posted: May 8, 2020

In previous post I have shown where plumbing contactors, truckers and pest control technicians have customized our standard, invoices, work orders, delivery receipts and weighmaster certificates. Today I am highlighting Manpreet owner of Itrack Inc, he is located in Fremont California and recently ordered One Stop Printers’ Trucking Container Delivery Receipt #TDR1059. Manpreet didn’t need us to make any changes, he provided us with his company information and used one of our standard semi truck drawings. Well, you might be thinking, why am I even mentioning this? It's because about 25% of our orders don’t require changes, and most importantly, every customer is special to us!

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner operator based out of Jackson, Mississippi or own a fleet of semi trucks in Montgomery, Alabama, One Stop Printers has the solution for your delivery receipts, bill of ladings and proof of delivery receipts. Contact us today at: 800-406-0982 or log on to: We would be pleased to hear from you!

New York Plumbing Work Orders and Invoices

Posted: April 6, 2020

I think the only state more repressive than our nanny state of California is New York. Douglas, owner of Mr. Septic LLC in Liberty, New York ordered One Stop Printers' Plumbing, Drain Cleaning & Septic System Invoice #P1067, I went to New York’s state website to see what requirements it might have for plumbing contractors. Too no surprise to me, it requires a Waiver of Right to Cancel contract, and to have its plumbing licensing board’s address on plumbing work orders. We modified the Waiver of Right to Cancel and added the address before sending Douglas the proof, and let him know what on the plumbing receipt had been altered.

One Stop Printers has found by taking a proactive approach whenever possible, has provided value to our customers. Thank you, Douglas for having One Stop Printers print your plumbing work order. It doesn’t matter if your plumbing and septic company is in Liberty, New York or Richmond, Virginia or located in any other state, we will work with you to get a plumbing receipt that works for your company. Contact One Stop Printers today at: 800-406-0982 or,, we look forward to hearing from you!

Your company image means everything!

Posted November 15, 2019

Get your earth moving company to standout with One Stop Printers unique business card designs. Choose from our standard business card design like, Backhoe Service Business Card #2073, or let us design one especially for your backhoe company. Full color are printed on 14 point matte or UV Coated, with other options available, too.

Choose One Stop Printers to print your business cards and rental agreements like, Earth Moving Invoice & Work Order #1071, it's easy, we do all the work. Just send us the contact information ( you want on the card and we take it from there. We understand that when your are not in the field moving dirt, you are not making any money, we have the staff and software to make you card look nice and will send you a proof before printing. Saving you time and money.

Print your companies color logo on invoices with One Stop Printers

Posted April 24, 2020

Aaron, owner of Stargate Pest Defense located in Canoga Park California is one of the first to take advantage of my offer to print his logo in color on my pest control forms for the same price as black and white. Not only did he have us print our Termite Inspection Tag #PC1080 but also Termite work Completed Tag #PC1081. Thank you for the orders Aaron, we look forward to serving you in the future.

The printing industry has evolved over the years and color printing has become more affordable than ever. If you are tired of working with a printing company stuck in the 1990’s, check One Stop Printers out at: to see how we can assist you. It doesn’t matter if you have a pest control company like Aaron in Canoga Park, a plumbing company in Redding, or trucking company based out of Santa Rosa, we are here to serve you.

Skip the Long DMV Lines, Call Arleen's

Posted April 13, 2020

Thank you Arleen, owner of Arleen’s Vehicle Registration / Lien Sale Service located in Hesperia California for having us print your invoices for the umpteenth time. Arleen has been assisting with DMV vehicle registrations since 1987, and I know One Stop Printers has been printing them long before I bought this company in 1994. Some say that customer loyalty is dead, I don’t think so.

I can tell you from experience; having Arleen take care of your DMV registration saves a whole lot of time and headaches. No long lines she does it all, so if you ever need to register a vehicle whether is be a car, truck, bike, boat or trailer, give her a call at: 760-947-2156.

Aviation Repair Work Orders

Posted April 8, 2020

Today’s feature is Aviation Training & Operations Center, in Cedar City, Utah, thank you Paul for selecting our Aviation Repair Order #AV1034. About a third of our customers need to make changes to our work orders to fit their requirements. Aviation Training & Operations Center is no exception, and as always, the changes Jim made were FREE. Whether you have an aircraft repair shop in Riverside County or Chelan County Washington we will customize a service work order for you.

In addition, One Stop Printers keeps our customers artwork on file, it doesn’t matter if it is a standard duplicate invoice where we just added company information, customized an existing triplicate job ticket or created a new proof of delivery receipt. We also include a handy reorder form, with each order. Your time is too valuable to waste, when you need more receipts you don’t have to remember our website, or password, just call us, fax or email the reorder form and we take if from there, yes it is that easy, so call today 800-406-0982.

We will make you look good

Posted: November 14, 2019

I would like to thank Adam from Tonk's Tires, LLC in Midland Texas for ordering his diesel truck tire repair orders from One Stop Printers. This is not a standard receipt off of our website. He provided a rough sample of a work order he had used before and asked if it was something we could print for him being it was not a standard size form on our website. Well of course!

You never get a second chance at a first impression. We feel strongly that it is very important to have a professional look when our customers are selling their products and services, so we cleaned it up a bit, and we did it for FREE. If you are tired of the runaround from your current printer give us a call at: 800-406-0982 we would be please to assist you with your trucking receipts.

So if you are a trucker and find yourself in Midland Texas with a flat, give Tonk's Tires, LLC a call.

You don't get a second chance at a first impression! Make the best of it.

Posted: October 11, 2019

One Stop Printers would like to thank Ismael for choosing us to print Infinity Appliance's Sales & Repair duplicate receipt. I have been saying for years that you don't get a second chance at a first impression. Even something as simple as your receipts need to communicate you are professional and do a good job. Once again it illustrates how we improve our customers' image.

Ismael brought me a sample of what he wanted to have printed for his store. One glance and we knew we could make it more functional and look better. The most important changes were to capture all his customer's information, and fix the disclaimer to match Infinity's company policies.

One Stop Printers makes it easy for you to look good because we do all the artwork and set-up for FREE! All you pay for is the printing. Call us today at: 800-406-0982 to find out how we can assist you.

Customize your business forms for FREE!

Posted April 1, 2020

It’s always a pleasure when I get to talk to my customers, take James for example, owner of Outstanding Pest Solutions in Moreno Valley, California. He is energetic and willing to go the extra mile to serve his customers. I first met him a little over a year ago when he ordered our Pest Control Service Slips #PC 1072, and Pest Control Service Agreements # PC1073. He needed to tailor them to his operation so we altered them quite a bit from the original ones on our website, which we did quickly, and for FREE.

His company has evolved and grown which required making changes to these forms when he had them reprinted. This is not unusual and are of course FREE, too. One Stop Printers understands that if your company is located in Salt Lake, Utah or Boise, Idaho, you will have different regulatory requirements than here in our nanny state of California, and choosing a standard form, just will not do. There is no bait and switch, no hidden charges now or on future reprinting, we only charge the published prices on our website for the size, number of parts, and quantity.

Experience the difference; give us a call at 800-406-0982 to find out how we can assist you.

Heavy Equipment Operator Equipment Rental Receipts

Posted September 11, 2019

You have the heavy equipment and skill to do the job, the only piece of the puzzle you are missing is a work order. Whether you operate a tractor, water truck, backhoe or earth moving equipment, One Stop Printers has a duplicate or triplicate receipt to ensure you record work completed so you can accurately bill you customers. Try our Earth Moving Invoice Work Order # 1071, Tractor Service Work Order TS#1085 or our Daily Equipment Rental Agreement #2048. Don't forget you can make changes and include your logo in black and white for FREE. Have you been using the same rental agreement for years and don't want to change, no problem. We will reset the agreement for FREE and keep it on file for convenient reordering.

Triplicate towing receipts

Posted August 21, 2019

You have worked in the towing industry for years and finally took the plunge and bought a tow truck, tada you are now in business. Suddenly you realize you don't have towing receipts. What to do? Simple, contact One Stop Printers at or call 800-406-0982, we carry a full line of duplicate invoices or triplicate work orders.

If you don't see anything you like or want to make changes, no problem, we do that for FREE. Not only that they are inexpensive and we will ship in less than 5 days. So don't wait, contact One Stop Printers Today!

Customize you plumbing work orders!

Posted: August 14, 2019

Order your plumbing work orders, invoices, septic inspection reports through One Stop Printers and we will customize it to meet your company's requirements for FREE! Contact us today!

Customer service still rules the day!

Posted July 24, 2019

We would like to thank Whittendale Excavating Corporation for choosing One Stop Printers to print its equipment rental job receipts. They initially asked to make some minor changes to our Water Truck Invoice #TW1052, drop in the logo and normal contact information, which we did and sent a proof.

After all the partners had a chance to review the proof, it was decided the work order didn't quite work for their operation, and asked that the bottom of it be reworked, giving them more room to write information, and they wanted their logo in color, which we were happy to do. What you see above is the before version and completed receipt on the right.

There is nothing worse than to work with a receipt that doesn't fit your needs, which leads to mistakes in billing or lost dollars. One Stop Printers understands this concept and work to satisfy our customers requirements. Whether you need to make minor changes, major changes or need us to develop a completely new receipt, it's always FREE at One Stop Printers.

If you need help streamlining your receipts, give us a call at: 800-406-0982. Experience the difference, contact us today!

Don't get nickel-and-dimed to death for a custom bill of lading!

Posted: July 9, 2019

We would like to thank DNR Carriers Inc for recently purchasing its bill of lading from us. When we received a call from them it started out the typical way, "We like your Trucking Container Delivery Receipt # TDR1059 but would like to make some changes, is that possible?"

I think most clients who ask this question are skeptical that we will not charge extra for making changes; are waiting for the exception, and then being told what they want printed, will cost extra. Well, they are always surprised and pleased when we tell them to send us the changes, don't forget to send your logo if you have one, and we will set it up and send a proof. We don't even ask for money up front, we want to ensure that your are completely satisfied with the artwork before the order is placed! It's that simple.

Since the size of the bill of lading had changed from 8.5" x 5.5", to 8.5" x 7" the price changed to our standard cost for that size, plus sales tax and a flat rate of $18.00 for shipping. If you are tired of being nickel-and-dimed to death by those other website's which advertise a cheap price and never deliver on it promise, give us a call to see how we may assist you: 1-800-406-0982.

Truck and trailer illustrations for the trucking industry

Posted June 21, 2019

In a effort to assist trucking companies improve their image, One Stop Printers has four common truck illustrations to use on Proof of Delivery (POD), bill of lading, delivery receipts and invoices. We will adding more in the future. If you would like one not shown, let us know, and we will see what we can do to help you.

Get started today with One Stop Printers Truck & Vehicle Inspection Reports

Posted: May 21, 2019

Driver's Vehicle Inspection Reports are required by Federal Law 49 CRFR369.11 & 369.13 and One Stop Printers has some standard forms such as Trucking Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report TDI1057 and Driver's Vehicle Condition Report DVCR 1058. These detailed inspection reports contain all the items needed to ensure you are operating a safe truck and is there is a problem, it is documented so your maintenance department knows what to fix.

These vehicle inspection reports come in a variety of sizes from 8.5" x 11" to 5.5" x 8.5" in duplicate and triplicate receipts and can be booked with wraparound covers for easy use and storage.

We know that your may want to make changes to our vehicle inspection reports so the better fulfill the needs of your motor carrier company, and we make it easy and free to make any changes required. Just let us know what you want changed and we will happily do it for you and send back a proof before printing. So contact us today at 800-406-0982 to get started.

You choose what you want on the back of your plumbing work order

Posted: May 3, 2019
When a plumbing company decides to get its plumbing work order receipts printed it is important to make sure all the information required is included. Whether your plumbing business is located in Riverside California, San Antonio Texas or Jacksonville Florida all of them have some sort of 3 day right-to-cancel contract and require certain language particular to that state and a waiver must be included if you want to make sure you get paid. Not to mention terms, conditions and exclusions.

If you don't have your plumbing receipt designed correctly, disputes naturally arise. This is where One Stop Printers can assist you, we carry a large selection of plumbing contracts such as our Plumbing, Drain Cleaning & Septic System Invoice P1067 which as Conditions and Exclusions on the back or our Plumbing Invoice P1060 with Notice to Owner and California Mechanics lean on the back. Any of our plumbing forms can be changed and you can mix and match the back side to your requirements.

However, what is more important, is you are able to make changes to our receipts for FREE, all you pay for is the printing, shipping and sales tax if it applies. One Stop Printers has worked with many plumbing company owners to get them a plumbing receipt that works best for there operation, saving them time, money and stress. Call: 800-406-0982 or contact One Stop Printers today at: to see how we can assist you.

One Stop Printers a trusted source for all your pesticide business receipts

Posted April 8, 2019
What was old in now new again. Internet ordering is just catalog sales of the past with a twist. It is much easier for a vendor to change products to meet customer demands, and faster communication. Instead of printing and mailing catalogs, there are online catalogs and where you mailed in your order and payment and waited two to three weeks for delivery; you click a couple of buttons and the order shows up at your doorstep by the end of the week.

For the printing industry it has made it easier to serve our customers interest. One Stop Printers sells a large selection of invoices, work orders, sales receipts, proof of delivery POD receipt and weighmaster certificates, for a wide variety of customers, such as plumbing and roofing contractors, trucking industry, growers of grain and cattle and grain elevators.

When ordering from One Stop Printers on-line catalog it can be as simple as ordering and supplying us with your imprint information; or using one of our standard business form as a starting point, which is what we did for a pest control company in Moreno Valley Calif. The first printing of One Stop Printers' Pest Control Service Slip PC1072 the owner Daniel only required a couple of changes to better serve his needs, which we did for free and printed.

When it came time to reprint apparently an agricultural regulator had reviewed his pest control service slip and required changes, being that up to four pesticides would be applied to a clients property he required that there be spaces for the pesticide name, EPA number, quantity, dilution rate and amount applied be on the receipt, so if there was a problem the customer was fully informed. We see this as a good thing and one of our goals it that our customers get what they need quickly, with no muss or fuss. We have found in situations where state or county regulators are concerned the quicker you give them what they want, the happier they are, and will move on to someone else to make an example out of.

Our customer had his pest control work order in a week, customized to fit his needs. Keep in mind we make all changes to existing business forms or set up new one's for free, all you pay for is the printing and shipping. So if you are looking for a responsive company to print your sale receipts, look no further than One Stop Printers at 800-406-0982 or

California Termite Inspection Date Label

Posted March8, 2019
One Stop Printers introduces our new Termite Inspection Date, work Completed Label. This handy label is printed on a Orange Fluorescent label, it is easy to write on with a pen and you can place it where it is needed, the Fluorescent makes it easy to find when coming back to the job site. This Pest Control Inspection Work Completed label #2059 is printed with black ink, finish size is 5” x 3” and comes on a roll for easy use and storage.

Weekly Manifest for the Trucking Industry

Posted February 11, 2019
If truck drivin’ is your way of life and how you put food on the table, the more time you spend on the road and less time doin’ paper work the more money you make. However you still have to have accurate records to ensure you can verify the loads you haul are delivered and you get paid on time. There is nothing worse that counting on money hittin’ your bank account, only to find out some bean counter missed somethin’. This is where One Stop Printers with our large selection of trucking forms can help.
We have just added three weekly manifests to our library. That’s right, count ‘em three: Trucking Container Record 2057, Weekly Trucking Manifest 2058, and Trucking Small Weekly Manifest 2059. These manifests have everything to assist you in keeping accurate records at your fingertips, from areas to record load and container information to, pick and delivery destinations.
What is great about buying your weekly manifests from One Stop Printers is that they are fully customizable for FREE. Even if you have purchased a manifest from us and later you need to make changes, it is no problem, it’s still FREE.

Pool & Spa Service Receipts Available at One Stop Printers

Posted: December 7, 2018

For all of you who own companies who do swimming pool service and maintenance and need a handy swimming pool service receipt either in duplicate (2 part NCR) or triplicate (3 part NCR). One Stop Printers has the solution with our Swimming Pool Service Invoice #SPS1070.

Record all of the services you performed on our simple to use form and record all supplies use for handy billing. No more writing it down on a yellow pad and then transferring it to an receipt when you get back to the office. Just place he pool service invoice in and envelope and send. Don't forget if you need to customize this versatile work order, just let us know what you need changed and we will do it for FREE. In addition if you have been using the same Pool and Spa Service Receipt for years and don't want to change, no problem. We will redo the artwork for free and keep it on file for easy reordering.

Patio Repair Receipts Made Easy for Roofing Contractors

Posted: November 19, 2018
Roofing contractors, have you ever got to a customers home and needed to give an estimate to repair their patio and wished you had a simple and easy estimate form that is easy to use? Well, One Stop Printers has the solution for you with our Roofing Contractor Repair Invoice #2027.

Like most contractors you specialize in certain repairs and you find you fill out the same information every time, and maybe sometimes in your rush you forgot and item, you get the job, only to find you lost money. Well no more, our roofing invoice has boxes to check off services to be preformed, making it simple and easy to give a cost and convert it into a job order.

You say that the way you do patio repairs is a little different that what we show on One Stop Printers standard roofing repair order, no problem! We make all changes to our existing work order receipts for FREE, you only pay for printing and shipping. You say, you would like your logo included, again, no problem! Send us your logo and we include it in black and white for FREE.

Quote for Pest Control Services Field Receipt

Posted: November 16, 2018

If a pest control companies service technician is not in the field doing service work (assassinating bugs and vermin) or inspections with prospective clients it is loosing opportunities and money. One Stop Printers in Hesperia California makes it easy and efficient to keep your technicians productive with our unique pest control business forms.

One Stop Printers has been assisting pest control companies with their printing needs for over 25 years, with products like our Pest Control Quote Service Form PC1076, your technicians can provide an accurate cost estimate and provide your clients with a receipt. It can easily be converted into a work order by using One Stop Printers, Pest Control Service Slip PC1072, which will provide an accurate receipt for pest control services performed.

So, save time and money by choosing One Stop Printers, a leader in printing pest control receipts. Remember that your can change any of our forms at no cost, all you pay for is the printing. Not only that we keep the artwork on file, making reorders simple and easy. We don't require you to remember passwords on how to navigate our website when it comes time to reorder, just give us a call or email us, you will get a real person to assist you, so you can get back to work doing what you do best... Pest Control.

Home Appliance Repair Receipt

Posted: November 9, 2018

Attention home appliance service technicians, are you tied of not having a handy repair receipt when you make a service call? Well, One Stop Printers has the solution for you with its Home Appliance Repair Order 1069. It includes all the information you need on it appliance repair receipt.

One Stop Printers appliance receipt is available in duplicate and triplicate sets which can be booked with wraparound covers for easy storage. All of our receipts can be changed to fit your needs for FREE. We also make it easy to have your logo on it, no need for you to learn file formats that will make your head swim, just send us your logo color or what ever you have and we will convert it to grayscale.

Need it in a hurry, no problem most orders ship in 3 to 5 days and we ship nationwide.

Proof of Delivery Receipts POD for the Trucking Industry

Posted: November 7, 2018
The picture above is a good example for how trucking clients like one particular form such as Trucking Container Delivery Receipt 1059 but needed to customize it to its operation. They liked the simplicity of the form but needed to have a Responsibility for Per Diem, Demurrage or Detention Charges, In Bond and Hazardous Material Shipments, Special Conditions: Improper Loading and Overweight & Advance Charges and Declared Value disclaimers which they supplied.

It also changed the size of the form to 8.5" x 7" which was no problem, we print plenty of this size receipt and have a standard cost for it. This illustrates why sometimes it is best to contact One Stop Printers before ordering so we can custom tailor a proof of delivery (POD) receipt just for you.

The other example our customer only wanted to change the disclaimer to Responsibility for Per Diem. Non of these changed to he POD cost our customers, we did them for FREE, and they range for very simple to more complex. So if you need a POD to fit your needs or you have been using the same one for years and need a new printing company, select One Stop Printers, you will not be disappointed.

Towing Receipts Available in Duplicate and Triplicate

Posted November 5, 2018

If you own a towing company and looking for a duplicate towing receipt you need look no further than One Stop Printers Towing work order #TFP20100. Not only can you have it booked in sets of 50 with wraparound covers for easy use in the field, it is also available as a triplicate receipt, too.

One Stop Printers gives you the edge with our fully customizable towing receipts. You can select from four different disclaimers or provide the one you have been using. We have found that our competition tries to include everything possible on their standard towing receipts cluttering it up and possibly overlooking an important item. We let you change the duplicate or triplicate receipt for FREE, getting rid of unwanted information and including what is most important for your particular towing company.

Order today, One Stop Printers will supply you with a towing receipt to fit your needs

Reducing Our Customers Stress One Weighmaster Certificate at A Time

Posted September 6, 2018
When Cannabis became legal on January 1, 2018 in California it left some producers unprepared for just how many regulations and hoops they would have to jump through to sell their product. One area is accurately accounting for their product with the state, namely having scales, a weighmaster license and certificates.

Now pretty much each weighmaster certificate for different industries and applications are the same. Just the required information is in different places. I find this true with the California Cannabis Weighmaster Certificate we just produced for a couple of growers.

We started out with one of the growers selecting what he thought was best for his operation from my library of weighmaster certificates, and One Stop Printers staff made the modifications and sent off the proof. The state regulator didn't like it and provided a pamphlet with the requirements (this is always best). So instead of modifying an existing weighmaster certificate, we just created a new one based on how the regulator's what them.

The staff here at One Stop Printers are used to reading through dry regulation and interpreting them, and applying it to the forms we produce for our customers. Disclaimer Alert: Although One Stop Printers makes every effort when producing a weighmaster certificate or any other of our business forms, it is the responsibility of our customers to ensure it meets their requirements. This is why when a state regulator is involved that you forward your proof to them for review before we print. This is where One Stop Printers makes it easy for you, it for whatever reason the regulator wants something changed, we do it for you quickly and for free.

Today One Stop Printers is Featuring Towing Invoice TFP20094

Posted July 13, 2018

One Stop Printers carries a full line of business forms for the towing industry such as our towing invoices TFP20094. This is a compact form which makes it easy to handle and saves money, too. Capture all the required information so you can present the vehicle owner with a detailed cost and the type of services you are rendering.

It has a handy "Prior Damage" car illustration to record damage before hooking-up, and an easy to use payment information section. In addition you can choose different disclaimers or provide one unique to your towing company. Don't forget you can make changes to this towing report to fit your requirement, and it won't cost you extra, you only pay for printing and shipping.

This is one of our more popular towing invoices and most tow truck drivers prefer two part NCR which is white and yellow paper. It is also available in three part NCR white, yellow and pink paper and we can book it in sets of 50 with a handy wrap around cover.

So if you are tired of buying standard towing invoices that don't meet your needs, give One Stop Printers a call.

Tow Truck Invoices, Impound Authorization and Many More Forms for A Towing Company

Posted July 10, 2018
State law requires that vehicle owners be given a written receipt in the form of a towing invoice when their vehicle is towed, listing where it is taken, services performed and the cost. With each state having different requirements it is difficult for a towing company to use a standard towing work order. This is where One Stop Printers will assist you.

One Stop Printers has a full line of standard tow truck invoices which are fully customizable at no cost to your, that's right changes are free. Not only that, if you have been using a towing invoiced for years which has been approved by the state patrol, or CHP and the printing company you have been using is no longer in business, we will reset the form, make any changes your require and keep the artwork on file for future reprints.

Not only that One Stop Printers has release of liability, impound authorization, truck equipment check list and many more form to make your life easier.

One Stop Printers Your Source for Septic and Plumbing Contracts and Proposals

Posted July 3, 2018
One Stop Printers carries a large selection of plumbing and septic company, work orders, contracts, estimates and proposal that are customizable for FREE. We have been printing these forms for customers for over 30 years. Our septic company estimate sheet #P1068 was recently ordered and I starting working with the standard form making changes our customer required. I quickly discovered that this form had issues with it I didn't like, the main one is it was done in all Caps and the type style Times New Roman.

Now to most people this is not an issue, however all Caps is difficult to read if it is used in a sentence or paragraph and when used with Times New Roman it takes up a lot of space that can better be used for writing critical information for the job. In addition I didn't like how the contact information was set up. Pretty much now I take the information from our client and combine it with how I would like to see a business form set up. In this case it was one of our business forms.

I am still going to leave the original septic estimate sheet in our library, however I am adding the reworked version so our clients have an additional choice. If you like what you see and need a business form to fit your particular company requirements, give us a call so we may show you how easy it is to have One Stop Printers, design and print for you.

Featuring Locksmith Work Orders

Posted June 8, 2018
The more I delve into what our fare state of California requires just to make a living, the more I appreciate what trades people like Locksmith's must do to take care of their customers and comply with the law.

When developing forms such at the Lock & Safe Authorization #2032 and Locksmith Work Order #2034 I go to the state's website and read the regulations (usually at night when I can't sleep). What I have learned is a locksmith must get certain information such as driver's license number and birth dates, etc. so in case there is a problem they can verify that the person authorizing work to be done on a lock or safe is the correct person.

Most of our business forms customer's just added their contact information and sometimes minor changes, others require major alterations and One Stop Printers makes it easy all changes are FREE!

Keep freight moving smoothly with One Stop Printers POD's

Posted: June 6, 2019

When you see semi trucks rolling down the road, it seems that they are all doing the same thing, heading to the same place. However every trucking company and independent driver are unique and have different requirements to get the job done right and freight delivered on time. This is where One Stop Printers can assist you, whether you just need one of our standard forms, or a complete custom receipt you have come to the right printing company.

One Stop Printers has a complete line of duplicate and triplicate receipts for the trucking industry such as proof of delivery receipts, invoices, container deliver receipts, and vehicle inspection reports as required by Federal Law 49 CRFR369.11 and 369.13.

If your receipts don't contain the proper disclaimers your motor carrier company is opened up to unnecessary liability, and if something is not recorded correctly on your receipts you might not get paid or it's a nightmare to correct and delays payment. All of our trucking receipts and forms are customizable so this doesn't happen and we make all changes for free and keep the artwork on file for easy reprinting.

Something new customers have been using a POD for years and the printer they have been using is no longer in business. Don't worry, send us your receipt and we will reset it for free and keep it on file for you. In addition, we include a reorder form with every order, making reordering simple and easy. So call One Stop Printers today at: 1-800-406-0982 to see how we can help keep your freight company running smoothly.

Brand X Verses One Stop Printers, Which Would You Choose to Print Your Business Forms?

Posted May 26, 2018
The brand X equipment rental agreement on left is usually what I expect to receive from my customer so I can set up a new business form. However, and I am not making this up, this is what was provided back to Victoria as a final proof before printing. That is how I met her.

Victoria called me and said, "I'm on your website and looking at equipment rental agreements and they are good, however we have been using one for years, and would like to stay with it,  I have some changes and want our logo on it, can I help." I told her, "Yes, just send me what you have and I will reset it, make changes and send you a proof." In disbelief she asked, "You are resetting the whole business form, not just making changes to the areas I need, right?" I said, "Yes, you are correct, it is the only to make the equipment rental agreement look good, and project a professional image for your company. In addition, the set-up and changes were FREE, she would only pay for the printing." I'm not quite sure she believed me at this point.

When I got the email, I called her because I had a couple of questions, which she answered and told her I would have a proof tomorrow. Sent her the proof the next day and recommended that a disclaimer be added regarding DigAlert and underground utilities, which we did. After another round of minor changes, we printed and shipped the equipment rental agreements in a couple of days.

The old adage: Do the job right the first time, it will same time and money in the long run. Holds true today. Just because we use the internet to do business, does not mean that customer service has to take a back seat.

Dropped Trailer POD's

Posted: May 8, 2019
When dropping a trailer at a customers dock terminal to be loaded or unloaded requires more that just your ordinary delivery receipt or bill of lading. It is imperative that any preexisting damage be noted in advance so that if any damage is incurred while the trailer is possession by your customer your trucking company will be compensated for it loss. The same goes for keeping the trailer too long in port, your company doesn't make any money with it just sitting there.

At One Stop Printers we like to keep it simple for our trucking customers. That is why we make it easy and free to make changes. The sample above is for California as noted in the disclaimer, which is easily changed to meet the requirements for your company and state. This all encompassing Proof of Delivery receipt includes everything you need to document the load and condition of the trailer, including spaces for dates, times, charges and drivers signature.

Our dropped trailer delivery receipts come standard in duplicate and triplicate carbonless, but we also do four part carbonless, just let us know. Don't forget that we can book them with wraparound covers for easy use and storage in the truck. If your trucking company is looking for a reliable and quick printing company to print your forms, look no farther than One Stop Printers, call today to see how we may assist you: 800-406-0982.

Keep Your Automotive Repair Shop Running Smooth with One Stop Printers Repair Orders

Posted May 10, 2018

One Stop Printers offers a large selection for automotive business forms such as Tire Shop Repair Order #AT1035, Auto Body & Paint Repair Order #2037 and Radiator Repair Order #1036, just to name a few. We have been in the business of assisting automotive shop owners for over 30 years by providing quality automotive forms that are useful.

Standard business forms are handy when you first open you business, but over time business owners find that they need to be modified to meet their particular companies needs. That is where One Stop Printers come in. All of our forms are fully customizable at no cost to you, that is right, changes are FREE. We know that it is important to have the proper disclaimer to match your repair shops policies and here in California where everything is regulated to the point things barely move, it is more important. The last thing you need is to have a regulator from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, cite your company because something not correct on your work order.

So give us a call at: 800-406-0982 to see how One Stop Printers can help you with your repair order printing.

Order Weighmaster Certificates and Weight Receipts from One Stop Printers

Posted: April 10, 2019

When operating a grain elevator it is very important to record all the information required when receiving or shipping grain. Producers depend on it when storing and selling grain, so do the end users, and their lenders.

One Stop Printers' Grain elevator weighmaster certificate with dockage 1027 not only contains the required area for recording truck, trailer, license, and weight information, it contains a settlement section for recording moisture loss, dockage, grade discount, drying charges, freight and inspection charges.

State's Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures like California, Washington and Oregon require a certification paragraph citing their professional codes but such as Texas as far as I can tell only requires it contain pertinent information cited above, but bound in a well bound book. One Stop Printers know that each companies requirements are different, which is why we make it easy to do business with us. We can print weight receipts for any state and make changes to conform to our customers requirements, and don't forget all changes and new weight certificate artwork is Free. Don't wait, contact One Stop Printers today for all you weighmaster certificates: 800-406-0982 or

One Stop Printers Makes it Simple and Easy to Customize Business Forms!

Posted April 27, 2018

Typically when a client wants to customize one of One Stop Printers business forms they contact us and we send them a high resolution PDF to mark-up. One of the reasons is because the images on our website are hard to read and they need to see what exactly is on it before deciding what to change. In the sample above our customer copied an image off our site and marked it up, and sent it along with their logo. Another reason is some are surprised and want to confirm that the changes are FREE.

One Stop Printers has an extensive background in designing and printing business forms and we understand that every company is unique. Here in California throw in our regulatory agency's that has to have its thumb in everyone's pie, it can make life interesting. This contractor in the sample above didn't sell directly to the public so some of the stuff on the contract was not necessary, plus he need more room to write. Please keep in mind, if your business is in a state other than California we will customize the form to meet your needs.

After the proof is approved (We don't even ask for money up front before making changes, does it get any better than that?) we provide a link to the corresponding item and have you order through the website and in the info area put our job number. We take if from there. If you are looking for a printing company that is responsive to your needs, you have come to the right place. Give us a call, we would be pleased to assist you: 800-406-0982.

Need Construction Proposal & Contracts, or Estimates?

Posted April 17, 2018

Illustrate above are three of our most popular construction forms: Roofing Estimate #2018, Drywall Contract #2018 and Fencing contract #CFC1048. What is handy about these forms are that they are easy to use in the field at your customers location. This forms contain all the necessary items to provide a timely and accurate estimate and or proposal that can serve a duel propose as a contract.

These forms usually only require minor modifications to meet One Stop Printers customer's requirements, however your can make any changes you like to any of the business forms for FREE. Email your logo and it will be included, too in black and white.

One of the issues most customers  experience with online companies when they order a printed item such as the business form offered One Stop Printers is getting their logo included. They become frustrated because the other companies require certain file formats and customers don't know printing language. One Stop Printers takes the strain off of you, we will convert your color logo and we take most file formats. Don't get me wrong, sometimes even we have trouble, however 99% of the time, it is no problem. So give us a call at 800-406-0982, we would be pleased to assist you.

Customize Your Business Form for Free, You Only Pay for the Printing

Posted April 6, 2018

Here is a good example of how we alter business forms for our customers, a local pest control company in Las Vegas Nevada contacted me and asked if I would send a high resolution PDF of One Stop Printers #PC1077 Sanitation Report and ask if they could make changes. I assured them they could make all the changes they wanted and they would only pay for the printing.

In the picture above on the left is our standard sanitation report, and in the center are the changes submitted. On the first set of alterations, only the top and bottom portions changed. After I sent the proof they gave it to their service manager and after review made changes to the center with the check boxes. The final version on the right is what we printed and shipped to them.

This is pretty standard procedure and it doesn't matter if it is one of our construction contracts, estimates or a repair work order we provide the same service. If the business form doesn't work for you, it won't work for us either. Just because orders come over the internet doesn't mean that customer service must suffer and you have to settle for less. So give us a try, we will be pleased to print for you, Call today: 800-406-0982.

Inspection Reports, Delivery Receipts, Container Hand Tickets for The Trucking Industry

Posted March 28, 2018

Truckers live a busy life, the last thing they need is to worry about whether they have the correct information on there inspection report, delivery receipts or container hand tickets. That is where One Stop Printers located in Southern California can help.

One Stop Printers carries a full line of business forms for the trucking industry. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for we will create it. If you have been using the same bill of lading for years, no problem. Send it to us and we will redo the artwork at no charge and keep it on file for future orders. Our customer's are located all a crossed the nation, don't worry we will ship it to you.

Most of the trucking business forms we print are on two part NCR (white, and yellow) along with three part NCR (white, yellow, and pink). However some clients require a four part form, if this something you need just give me a call at 800-406-0982.

Weighmaster Certificates for Public Weighmaster's

Posted March 23, 2018

Weighing and shipping of commodities usually requires a licensed Public Weighmaster and must use a weighmaster certificate to record accurate tare weight and the weight of commodity contained. Whether you have a scale in California or a peach farm in Georgia you must comply to ensure your customers get what they are paying for.

With few exceptions weighmaster's are regulated by the Department of Weights and Measures through each state's Department of Agriculture. Weighmaster Certificates are pretty much the same from state-to-state with the exception for the legal notice. Most have minimum requirements for what must be included and may be required to be approved by your state's Department of weights and Measures.

No worries, when you have to have your Public Weighmaster Certificates reprinted. One Stop Printers will make any changes for FREE to our existing certificates or send us a sample of what you have using and we will recreate exactly what you have for FREE and keep in on file for easy reordering.

Speaking of reordering, One Stop Printers in Hesperia California makes that simple, too. You don't have to worry about remembering passwords to log on to our site. We enclose a reorder form with each order toward the bottom and all you have to do is fax it, email or just call us and we will take it from there.

Professional Looking California Termite Inspection and Work Authorization Form

Posted: March 16, 2018

The California Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection and Work Authorization form was just completed for Equality Termite Control and is a prime example of how important it is for a company to have a professional appearance to its customers. The before version is a sample from a company the owner, Edward did contract work for in the past. He liked it because it provided customers with information at the time of inspection instead of waiting for the final report.

When this work order was brought to me I told Edward that I just charge for printing and the artwork was free, which is my policy for business forms. When the graphic artist started to work on this form it was brought to my attention that there were a lot of problems with it, I contacted Edward and told him that I understood the just of the form and function for use in the field. I was going to make major alterations to it, making it more user friendly, and correct errors.

Business forms such as, work orders, proposals and invoices, need to be functional, have a flow, and be easily understood by both the technician and customer. When a proposal is presented to a customer where there are misspellings, and is hard to understand, it opens the door to problems down the road. This sample we worked with, didn't even have a signature line for the customer to authorize work.

I have just as much criticism for the printing company that did the original printing. The mentality in our industry is, just get job in, get it printed and collect the money. No thought is ever given to advising the customer there are major issues with the project and they need to be corrected before printing. These printing companies are not dying off fast enough and in my opinion, if they can't provide their customers with a high level of service they should exit the industry.

If you are looking for a printing company who will put its customers interest first and consult with them so they have a professional image, then One Stop Printers located in Hesperia California is the company for you. Call: 1-800-406-0982 or email: today to see how we may assist you.

One Stop Printers Makes It Easy to Customize Towing Reports and Invoices

Posted March 6, 2018

Whether you call them towing reports, towing invoices, towing work order or towing receipts you are referring to the same thing. One Stop Printers has provided these forms to the towing located across the United States since 1987 and know it has to be functional and include everything required to make sure the services provided are charged correctly.

In addition you have to comply with regulations in your state, here in California if you are going to tow from a freeway you fall under the California Highway Patrol, in neighboring states it may be the state patrol or the transportation department. Regardless the towing industry is heavily regulated. States like Texas requires certain things and disclaimers are on the receipt for both towing and storage. This is where One Stop Printers can be of assistance.

Our company recognizes that you may have been using a towing receipt that has been approved, you need them reprinted and don't want to change the format because it is a hassle. We also realize that the printing industry has changed considerably in the last few years and the printing company you have been using is no longer in business. No worries, One Stop Printers will redo the artwork for your towing report for FREE and keep it on file for reprinting in the future. We include a re-order form in your order, just simply fax, email or just call us, yes it is that simple.

Your Business Card May be Your Only Chance at A Great First Impression

Posted March 1, 2018

You don't get a second chance at a first impression, which is why it is so important that when you hand a client your business card, it projects a professional image.

I have seen it too many times and can't stress this point enough: In your presentation you state that you will take every care in providing excellent customer service and you have an eye for the smallest detail. However your business cards states something totally different: From the email address being so small it is impossible to read, to it looks like you just printed them off your home computer and cut them out with a pair of scissors.

A business card is a small canvas, so keep the front simple, and elegant with the most important contact information. When too much information is crowded on, it becomes very difficult to read. Keep in mind the back side of the business card can be used for bullet points, a tag line or, for doctors and such, an appointment card.

Some simple tips are: Don't put your copy in all cap, it is very difficult to read. Vary point sizes, making names and phone numbers larger and bold and the less important items like the address smaller.

If you would like assistance with your business card and company image, please call One Stop Printers today at: 800-406-0982.

Save Money With One Stop Printers' Pest Control Forms

Posted: February 26, 2018

Out of all the forms One Stop Printers provides to its clients that scream customization for individual use, it is the pest control service agreements, and invoices etc. Pesticides are dangerous chemicals and lives are at stake (I don't mean the vermin) it is imperative that your customers know what chemical(s) are being applied and in what quantity. In addition you must have your license number and all applicable phone numbers in case there is an emergency.

One Stop Printers has worked with many pest control companies through out its many years in business and works with its clients to get them just exactly what they need to operate a safe company. Choose one of our many standard business forms, from Service Agreements, Quote for Pest Control Service, and invoices to tags, such as our Notice of Chemicals Applied. You can modify any of our business forms at no cost to you. You only pay for the printing.

If you have been using the same pest control form for years, no problem! Send it to us and we will redo the artwork for FREE and keep it in our files for your future use.

Brochures are Important Tools for Projecting a Companies Image

Posted February 19, 2018

No Virginia, printed brochures are not dead, there is a place for them in the digital age. Brochures are versatile and inexpensive per copy to hand out at trade shows, place in point-of-purchase for consumers to take, and in direct mail to communicate directly with prospective clients.

It is important your brochure projects a professional image, this might be the only chance you get at a first impression. It must look good, be well written, and be printed on high quality paper. For us here at One Stop Printers it is not about selling brochures or any other product we offer, if it doesn't do what it is intended to do, like increasing sales or streamlining production, we have not done our job.

When producing a brochure, we interview you to learn about your company, what you sell, what is important to the corporate image and its intended use. If you currently have a brochure like the sample above on the left, we read and evaluate it because it usually has important information, and review your website so your sales message is consistent across multiple platforms.

If you don't look good, we don't look good! Call Today: 800-406-0982 we would love to consult with you.

Another Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Completed by One Stop Printers

Posted March 23, 2018

One Stop Printers just completed another Direct Mail Campaign for Joseph W. Brady, CCIM, SIOR president of The Bradco Companies. Some may think that marketing mail is dead, I assure you it is not. When companies migrated to email and social media it opened up space in the mail box, and people like getting marketing mail if it applies to them.

The only thing that makes mail or for that matter email spam is not reaching the correct person. If your mail is highly targeted like The Bradco Companies which uses its own mailing list you have a much greater open rate and it will be read. This project included a corporate, and one specialty brochure along with a two page letter and business reply postcard and are quite effective. If you would like to learn how One Stop Printer can help you grow your business, give us a call at: 800-406-0982.

Political Campaign Postcards and Mailing

Posted February 16, 2018

Political season is upon us, although has it ever left, 2018 will see a slew of offices up for election from city councils, special districts, to county, state and federal offices. One Stop Printers caters to the local candidates running for office because that is where we can be of the most help.

County, state and federal candidates have the funds and backing to hire consultants for their campaigns which is not usually the case for city and special district candidates. That is where I can help, I have assisted many candidates through out the years with getting there message out using direct mail, some have even won : )

Seriously, most local candidates don't know where to start, One Stop Printers does. We will assist you in tailoring your message, targeting the most effective voters and timing. We only accept a limited number of candidates, so contact us today at: 800-406-0982 and see how we will help get you get elected.

Shipping Container Hand Tickets

Jennie from a Southern California trucking company contacted me and said she liked a couple of trucking delivery receipts on One Stop Printers website but needed something just a little different.

She explained that her company carried containers and each truck only shipped one container at a time and did not need all the other information, just the container, seal and chassis number. In addition the disclaimer need to specific to her operation. Would I be able to help her? It didn’t take long to create a hand ticket TDR #1059 to meet here requirements  that helped streamline the shipping process.

Once One Stop Printers has printed a form for you, we keep your artwork on file so reordering is as simple as a phone call and a reorder form is included with every order shipped.

Posted: February 6, 2018

Roll Labels by One Stop Printers

Labels come in many shapes, sizes and there is a large selection of substrate (papers) options. Whether you need a label for packaging or advertising One Stop Printers has the solution for you. We specialize in printing roll labels which are placed on jars, bags and boxes and can be printed one, two or full color. Some label applications only require that the label be printed on 60# white litho and others are use in more harsh environments and need to be on vinyl with a clear lamination.

Posted November 20, 2017